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We know what slows you down and what saves you money.

RightsPro® represents 20 years of experience in the content research and licensing field.

It's the details that count when licensing third-party content. A detail missed here and you have to pay full price for the content in a second edition. A detail missed there and you're sued for copyright infringement.

It's the details that RightsPro lets you focus on.


Project Inception
License Negotiation
Content Acquisition
Project Design
Report Uses
The timeline above shows the stages of a typical content licensing workflow.
What's our print run again? What resolution did the designer say they needed?
  • Define all the publishing details of your project so everyone on your team has access to the latest information.
  • Set up minimum design and production requirements for all types of media.
I'm about to call that source. How much did we spend with them last year?
  • Provides previous pricing and payment reports to assist in licensing fee negotiations.
What, exactly, are the terms of the license for that source? Did they sign the contract? Did we negotiate for future relicensing?
  • Negotiate and record all types of use and reproduction fees, discounts, and relicensing for each source.
  • Output contracts to solidify those negotiations.
  • See whether or not the license has been finalized, sent, and received, so that content can be used.
So how much will it cost if we use that really nice clip as the intro? What's the cost of the current draft layout for the insert?
  • Specifying the use of a piece of content immediately calculates the licensing fees and any discounts based on the license for that content.
  • One report shows where and how content has been used, whether it's draft or final, and the total licensing costs for a section, the entire project, or a single license.
Weren't there a lot of different discounts for that license? Have we already reported anything that helps us get a discount on these?
  • When you report the use of content to the source by creating a purchase order or invoice request, LicensePro looks at the license in detail and checks for any possible discounts you might get from past projects or previously reported content.
So what have we licensed so far and what's left?
  • The main view of the project gives an easy view of the number of uses under each license and how many of those have been reported or paid for.
  • The project's licensing budget screen shows all associated licensing, reproduction, and other fees against your original estimated budget.
It seems like it was a while ago when we licensed that Web site. When does it expire?
  • Along with detailed reports that show all duration-based uses or terminating licenses that will expire, you can always immediately see when you need to re-license a specific piece of content or an entire project.
Now it looks like we've got to make a brochure too. Can we use the same images? How much will it cost?
  • A look at the project's re-licensing estimation screen will show you which licenses have been pre-negotiated for any future editions or secondary products and what discounts you would receive, along with an estimate of the new project's total licensing cost.

How is your staff currently tracking your usage rights for third-party content? Hard copy contracts? A spreadsheet?

How long would it take you to relicense that content when you decide to republish in another language?

RightsPro® is a robust management tool that automates the licensing workflow, making it easier to license any type of content for any type of project.

The photo researchers at RightsAssist understand the difficulties facing designers and publishers today. That's why they developed their own rights management software, RightsPro® Suite, a system that can help manage and protect your company's assets.

You'll never again have to be uncertain about what you have, where it is, or who controls the rights. The RightsPro Suite is designed to support the research and licensing process and to document the work after the fact. It allows users to track the location of all original materials, identify the rights holders for each individual image, and license all the uses of each specific item, whether it is a digital image, a valuable collectible, a quotation, or a film clip. RightsPro even makes it easy to manage third-party rights.

Since its launch in September 2001, RightsPro has made it possible for users like the Newseum and Discovery Communications to safeguard valuable materials.

We've priced the software so that individual researchers and designers can afford it, and it's also available in multi-user and enterprise configurations. Our team can work with you to customize permission forms, confirmation letters, contracts, model releases, and other documents that suit your unique requirements.

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