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Licensing Workflow Solutions

 RightsAssist delivers licensing workflow solutions through both services and their rights and usage permissions application, RightsPro┬«, for the publishing, film, multimedia, education, design, and advertising industries.

Long regarded as a national leader in the photo research industry, PhotoAssist, Inc. created RightsAssistSM, an all-new approach to content licensing and collection management from a name you trust. Let us show you how we can help with all your rights research and licensing needs.

Cover your assets, and theirs.
What if someone else were making money using a picture you snapped and you weren't profiting from it? What if someone used a photo of you in a questionable manner?

Take a close look at your own Web site.

Are you sure that all the rights for each and every one of those images has been cleared and been paid for?

If not, and you haven't been sued, consider yourself lucky. Then contact a RightsAssist representative, who can start you down the path to proper content licensing.

If you're presenting content to a group, whether it's for print or Web publishing, video, or even a museum exhibit, you've undoubtedly asked these questions many times.

Rights research and licensing aren't easy tasks, especially when dealing with content you don't own.

Even if you've got a work-for-hire agreement with a photographer that implies ownership, you may not have the necessary model release.

It's these complicated aspects of actually using content that RightsAssist's staff and products help you solve.

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